MCS Facilitates Workshop at AHIMTA Training Symposium

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MCS facilitated tw10850287_849679805082615_2699287415173641946_no sessions of our intent based planning workshop, “Moving IMT Decisions through Intent into Action,” at the All-Hazard Incident Management Team Association (AHIMTA) Training Symposium held December 6-11 in Ft. Worth, Texas.

With roughly forty participants in attendance, the workshops focused on a set of core processes and principles that promote clear and concise leader’s intent as the foundation for aligned and adaptable incident action. During the workshop, participants worked in teams to build a valid common operating picture, apply decision-making frameworks to generate meaningful incident priorities, and develop and effectively communicate intent that is both actionable and flexible at the field level.

This workshop leverages emerging thinking in incident level command and includes content from two MCS programs: DHS-010-PREV Incident Leadership and Intent into Action: Organizational Development for the Command and General Staff.

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