Although aligning operational culture with the mission is paramount for an organization’s success, achieving this goal often proves elusive.  Developing a common belief system that advances  concentric attitudes and behavior requires a long-term commitment and substantial focus. It is an undertaking above and beyond process and procedure modification.  Holistic in nature, this kind of effort resists piecemeal implementation strategies.  It requires an integrated, multi-faceted approach that is well-coordinated throughout all levels of the organization.

A Proven Framework

Drawing on extensive experience with response organizations, Mission-Centered Solutions offers a comprehensive system and tools to help executive teams build the culture that is right for their organization. Using this systems framework, MCS provides critical perspective and technical assistance to map out courses of action and implementation strategies. MCS approaches harness efforts from current projects to achieve organizational results sustainable over the long-term.

MCS operational doctrine focuses on building a culture that has three primary targets: cohesion among cooperators, adaptability to adjust quickly to a changing environment, and resilience in the face of disruptive or destabilizing forces.

Integration and Synchronization

Organizations routinely initiate projects to focus on various aspects of operational or organizational effectiveness.  MCS provides services to help clients  integrate and synchronize existing and new lines of effort to reinforce and strengthen operational culture in a cohesive and concentric manner.

Fundamental to this task is the coordination and integration of lines of effort that combine to strengthen the common operational culture:

  • Foundational Doctrine
  • Lessons Learned / Organizational Learning
  • Leader Development and Legacy Planning
  • Safety and Risk Management Systems
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Performance Measurement

The framework also reconciles, and integrates as appropriate, other cultural models that may be in use within the organization:

  • Mission-Command (Auftragstaktik)
  • Human Factors Performance Integration
  • Crew Resource Management/ Error Reduction Management (CRM/ERM)
  • High Reliability Organizing (HRO)

Customizing the framework to meet the needs of the organization, MCS assists clients in reorganizing key efforts to produce meaningful alignment with their core mission and to strengthen cultural components throughout the entire organization.

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