MCS has quietly built its reputation by delivering world-class training – designed with instructional rigor and built using methodology-based approaches.

The result is an interconnected set of programs and exercises developed within a solid doctrinal framework that produces concentric results. This record of success has engaged the commitment of some of the largest and most accomplished emergency response organizations; it has engendered productive partnerships that have lasted more than fifteen years.

Heavy Lift Provider

Since 2001 MCS has established itself as a credible and dependable provider that can accomplish the heavy lifting of training delivery missions involving hundreds or thousands of personnel. MCS programs have enabled organizations to execute substantial training initiatives quickly without the need for costly investments in organizational resources or materials. MCS offers a superior turn-key solution, delivered at the client’s locations of choice, requiring a minimum of organizational resources or disruptions.

Join the Community

Across the globe, MCS acts as a development conduit, facilitating mutual support and cost-sharing among organizations. Organizations can gain all the benefits of a dedicated leadership academy without the large capital outlay required to execute a professional, standardized, and tested system.

Because MCS continuously updates and improves its programs based on testing and feedback, our clients reap the benefits from improvements and tools generated during hundreds of program deliveries. MCS programs are the most rigorously tested leader development and cultural programs available. The programs delivered to your organization are the culmination of progress generated through hundreds of tests and thousands of student evaluations, representing a premier class of training systems.


Unlike similar leader development programs, MCS training programs have been repeatedly tested for effectiveness on both Levels 1 and 3. MCS believes in transparency: every single MCS student evaluation (more than 20,000 worldwide) has been recorded and is available for review.

Whether applying its Advanced IMT Development Framework or augmenting an existing training curriculum, MCS executes educational programs and exercises with a precision that yields predictable results to reinforce the organization’s goals. No other competing organization – whether private or government entity – has MCS’s depth of knowledge, product maturity, and portfolio of proven results.

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