Since 2000, MCS has distinguished itself within the incident management community by offering innovative training beyond ICS instruction and position-specific preparation. MCS provides critical hands-on development and mentoring programs for Incident Management Teams (U.S. Type 3 and above). In addition, we offer consulting and exercise services to build capacity for emergency response and incident organizations.

IMT Development

As a foundation for these efforts, MCS has created an integrated framework defining the building blocks of IMT development. It represents some of the most advanced training available for incident management personnel and focuses on the building and reinforcing the decision processes that underpin the ICS structure and forms.

The MCS Advanced Incident Management Team (IMT) Development Framework provides a progressive development track that fosters the attitudes, skills, and techniques necessary for managing emerging and complex incidents. It represents a blending of current and advanced incident management practices, operational staff doctrine, and hands-on experience making decisions in ambiguous and dynamic environments. This framework supports leaders on all levels of the incident organization – from unit leaders to experienced Command and General Staff members.

Currently employed by all U.S. federal land management agencies that fight wildland fire, the educational programs offered by MCS have been approved for federal grant funding. Supported by hands-on exercises, meaningful simulations, and high-quality testing, the programs produce lasting and relevant competencies.

The Advanced IMT Development Framework is congruent with the Incident Management Team development track recommended by FEMA, the USFA, and NWCG.

Ongoing IMT Development

MCS offers a range of services and programs for your incident management development needs:

  • Mentoring and support – available on an on-call basis
  • Exercise and simulation design and development
  • Performance evaluation, debriefing, and reporting
  • Proven training programs

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