Costa Ricardo is a rich, unique, simulated learning environment that provides students and opportunity to develop their skills and leadership by trying different techniques and approaches for solving problems. In leadership-development simulations, 100% operational fidelity is actually undesirable. The level of fidelity must be sufficient to challenge and engage the students yet not provide so much fidelity or realism that learners disengage because of anxiety concerning the seriousness of a tactical (albeit simulated) failure.

For these reasons, the fidelity of Costa Ricardo is balanced to contain operational tasks that are familiar while providing enough abnormal conditions in the environment and mission to enable the students to engage in the experience without fearing that a failure could be interpreted by others as tactical or technical incompetence in real life. After serving in Costa Ricardo, students often report in their post-training feedback, that they have internalized these lessons and applied them  to their regular duties.

Students in the following courses “travel” to  Costa Ricardo:

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