Safer Class is a set of COVID-19 mitigation protocols designed to significantly reduce the risk of in-person training events. The protocols meet or exceed CDC guidelines. They are evidence-based and proven to work by our own experience working with IMTs in the COVID-19 environment.

MCS can continue to deliver an in-person experience with minimal disruption. Participants will continue to feel like they are immersed in the unique simulated learning environment of “Costa Ricardo.” (In fact, this current pandemic fits into a “Costa Ricardo” problem set perfectly!)

Our DHS/NWCG Leadership courses (L-180, L-280, L-380, L-381, L-481 & L-580) as well as our Intent-Based Planning and Luck Runs Out courses will continue to provide your people the unique opportunity to develop their leadership skills in abnormal conditions.

Our Safer Class services are available at no additional charge.


  • Risk planning and coordination with your course coordinators to assure best logistical strategies and optimal use of facilities for COVID-19 mitigation.
  • Review of latest federal CDC guidelines, state, local and agency requirements and best-practices.
  • Review of all applicable coordination and communication requirements for screening and detection of symptomatic participants.
  • Collection of needed verification/documents for student participation prior to class.

During Class:

  • PPE and sanitization for students, instructors, and role players
  • Pre-day temperature monitoring and documentation


  • Follow-up debriefings with training officers to assist with follow up activities, documentation, or lessons learned.

Please contact us for more detailed information regarding our Safer Class services.

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