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At the Point of the Spear: Leading and preparing emergency response units (DHS CA-002-PREV) is a 36-hour program that focuses on helping response leaders build more cohesive, adaptive, and resilient teams. This program teaches principles for leading in high-risk and high-stress environments, building team cohesion, and resolving conflicts and problems within the team. Using a mix of theory, classroom exercises, and field exercises, this interactive program is designed to reinforce mission-driven operational culture at the team level and to provide a framework from which to launch future organizational development.

More than 50 agencies and departments rely on this program for first-line leader development. This course is also certified as NWCG L-380.

At the Point of the Spear encompasses a set of first-line leader development programs that share the same philosophy and objectives but are specific to individual types of resources.

Following is a list of the program versions available through MCS:

  • Fire Service Leadership – municipal and structural firefighting
  • Fireline Leadership – wildland firefighting
  • Leading Emergency Responders – emergency management, EMS, HAZMAT, medical, SAR
  • Beyond the Badge – law enforcement
  • Leading Interdisciplinary Teams – land management, public administration
  • Leading Public Health Teams – public health professionals


At the Point of the Spear has a eleven-year track record of success in strengthening leader effectiveness and advancing clients’ organi­za­tional change goals. Since 2001, more than 15,000 response leaders have graduated from versions of this program throughout the United States as well as in Canada and Australia.

Who should attend?

Those who have a current or forthcoming assignment as a unit supervisor.

Student Prerequisites

Although the program has no specific prerequisite programs, the following is beneficial:

  • An introduction to human factors such as L-180: Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service


MCS is the sole provider of At the Point of the Spear (CA-002-PREV), which is listed in FEMA’s state-sponsored catalog of training. The Department of Homeland Security has approved this MCS program for use with SHSP and UASI grant funds.

In addition, MCS programs fully meet all requirements set by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG). MCS is the largest provider of L-380: Fireline Leadership, and we have the most extensive qualification requirements for instructors in comparison to other vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers about schedule, facilities requirements, certifications, and more.


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