Incident Leadership offers hands-on experience preparing for, executing, and debriefing a response during an all-hazards incident. Students take on IMT responsibilities in simulation blocks – lasting 16 hours over five days – mirroring events in an emerging incident. Iterative learning cycles and a variety of perspectives provide students with opportunities to learn, practice, and improve command skills and leadership behaviors.

Applying the art of mission command in changing environments

This high-intensity program helps participants learn strategies for building operational synergy in temporary teams, such managing diverse resources, interfacing with community cooperators, and leading operational planning extending into a strategic time frame.

Participants come away with firsthand experience applying the human behavior required to put ICS into practice. They gain confidence in their ability to hit the ground running as part of an incident management team. This program builds new trigger points and recognition skills that are directly transferable to future operations and incidents.


MCS designed, developed, and delivered the first Incident Leadership program in 2002. Since then, MCS has conducted more than 270 Incident Leadership sessions to nearly 5,000 students representing more than 50 agencies in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Who should attend?

Candidates seeking qualification as a Division or Group Supervisor or Incident Commander Type 3 (ICT3) from the following disciplines:

• Fire Services • Law Enforcement • Emergency Management •
• Emergency Medical Services • Hazardous Materials • Public Works •
• Public Health • Health Care • Public Safety Communications • Agriculture Security •
• Food Security • Corrections and Private Security •

Program Enrollment

Clients sponsor each week-long program for their workforce and cooperators. Programs are arranged at the organizational level. Open enrollment is not offered at this time. Program price is based on enrollment of 24 students. Programs are presented at the client’s location.

Student Prerequisites

MCS has compiled a comprehensive overview of the development path for prospective IMT members.


MCS is the sole provider of Incident Leadership as listed in the FEMA federal/state-sponsored course catalog as CA-010-PREV. The Department of Homeland Security has approved the use of SHSP and UASI grant funds for this MCS program.

In addition, the MCS Incident Leadership program fully meets all requirements set by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) for L-381. MCS is the largest provider of L-381: Incident Leadership, and our firm has the most extensive qualification requirements for instructors in comparison to other vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers about schedule, facilities requirements, certifications, and more.

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