MCS offers workshops for organizations and situations where a full training program might be more than needed and consulting might be too specific.

Intent-Based Planning Workshop

This workshop focuses on a set of core processes and principles that promote clear and concise leader’s intent as the foundation for aligned and adaptable action on the incident. During the training, participants learn frameworks for making decisions concerning incident priorities.  Working in teams, participants work to build a valid common operating picture. They then work to develop and effectively communicate intent that is both actionable and flexible at the field level. Participants who have implemented the principles of this program have experienced improvement in their capability to construct an effective IAP, build a common operating picture, generate adaptable operations, and prioritize incident actions.

This program leverages emerging thinking in the command aspects of incident management, and includes content from the DHS-010-PREV Incident Leadership and Intent into Action: Advanced Leadership for the Command and General Staff program.


  • Build an accurate common operating picture within the IMT
  • Formulate clear and concise leader’s intent
  • Effectively communicate leader’s intent in both verbal and written form to incident resources and stakeholders


To access posters and other materials from the workshop, see Intent-Based Planning Workshop Materials.